Having been in the vaporizing industry for several years, we have received an influx of questions surrounding the benefits that vaporizers have to offer to patients who utilize medical marijuana. As such, in response to the influx of inquires we receive regarding the benefits of utilizing one of KangerTech’s vaporizers, we decided to create this overview to shed some light on the benefits vaporizers have to offer to medical marijuana smokers. Get your KengerTech kbox mod here: http://ejuice.farm/collections/mods/products/kanger-kbox-mod-8-40w


Cost Efficient

One of the most beneficial features that KangerTech’s vaporizers have to offer medical marijuana patients is that it operates as a solid investment that can actually save you some money in the long run. To put things in retrospect, approximately 88% of the THC that is found within marijuana gets eradicated via combustible smoke.

Meaning, most of the THC from one joint, for example, gets eradicated before the smoker even consumes it. Vaporizers on the other hand do not destroy THC and approximately 95% of the THC content goes into the users system if they utilize a vaporizer as opposed to the 12% that occurs when you utilize a blunt wrap or other form of combustible smoking products such as a pipe. What this means is that your dosage of marijuana will essentially last as much as 5 times longer.

Easier On The Lungs

While it may be true that Marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer, combustion, causes the production of toxic by-products such as tar which can cause a variety of irritating, unnecessary respiratory effects such as an increase of sputum production, wheezing, consistent coughing and airway inflammation. By utilizing a vaporizer, the chances of consuming a toxic by-product such as tar, is essentially zero and as such the smoke that medical marijuana patients consume from a vaporizer is a lot safer and easier on the lungs. Meaning that, the coughing, wheezing and inflammation that is associated with consuming medical marijuana via combustible smoke, is eliminated if the marijuana has been vaporized.


Regardless of the fact that you may be a legal medical marijuana patient or the fact that marijuana consumption may be decriminalized and or 100% legal within your area, the reality of the fact is that unfortunately, many people scrutinize individuals who smoke marijuana in public. As such, most people will give you a stare of horror, if they notice that a tobacco blunt roll is hanging off the tips of your lips. But by utilizing one of KangerTech’s vaporizers that have been specifically designed to offer the highest level of discretion, such as our Kanger EMOW Starter kit, most if not everyone you come across in public will be unaware of your actions.